Rosa is a Bay Area-based technical writer and a freelance journalist. She loves Costco hot dogs, Chipotle burrito bowls with guacamole, and cupcakes.

Rosa is interested in tech, business, environmental issues, and human interest stories. She currently contributes to Forbes (about Asian businesses in California) and Autodesk's online magazine, Redshift. She lived in Beijing from 2009-2010 (taught over 200 adorable kindergartners English) and Hong Kong (learned business reporting at Forbes) during the summer of 2012 and would love to have an excuse to travel again.

In 2014, she moved from the San Gabriel Valley to the Bay Area for the views, recycling programs, and public transportation system.

Rosa has an unhealthy addiction to coffee. Aside from perpetually searching for the perfect coffee shop to be productive in, she enjoys running, hiking, taking photos, watching movies, and sharing random facts. Random fact: Rosa likes to dip fruit in salt.