Engagement Photos: Jojo and Laura

About a month ago, two of my good college friends asked me to take their engagement photos; a mountainous ask which I found both flattering and daunting, because I'd never done it before.

I first met Jojo our first year in college when we lived in the same dorm complex, but didn't really get to know him until the summer of sophomore year when we had an organic chemistry class together. We were a part of a study group that was mostly girls. Jojo's friendliness, good-naturedness, and sense of humor is contagious. Throughout our years of friendship, he's been a generous, reliable friend and a great joy to be around. Although I didn't meet Laura until sometime after we graduated, I was very pleased to meet someone whose kindness matched Jojo's and who could tolerate and accept his ability to perspire profusely. Jokes aside, I really think they're great people and an adorable couple.

In shooting their photos, I found that the more I tried to direct them based on a shot list I had compiled (as an unseasoned engagement photographer), the more awkward they were. So, for the most part, these photos are of Jojo and Laura simply being their cute selves. It was a lot of fun capturing their relationship and sometimes making a mockery of typical engagement photos. I hope you enjoy these images too!