First World Transportation Problems

This post is basically about my gripes with the transportation system in California compared with my experience with the transit system in Hong Kong. I used exchange rates for today, March 13, 2015, which was $1.03 USD = $8 HKD.


When I was in Hong Kong, I would walk (10 mins) or take the bus ($4.6 HKD or $0.56 USD) to the Mong Kok MTR, stay on for 5 stops ($11.10 HKD or $1.43 USD) to Central Station (16 minutes), then walk 5 to 7 minutes to work. I would read, play games on my phone, or people watch.

 Off-topic: I have to add that I was so much skinnier in Hong Kong despite eating excessively because I walked and took public transportation everywhere, and because of the humidity.

Since the CalTrain that connects with the shuttle I need for work now stops at Millbrae BART, I attempted to commute to work by train today.


This involved: walking 12 minutes to the Glen Park station, passing 6 stations ($4.15 USD) to Millbrae station (26 minutes), transferring to CalTrain (2 minutes), waiting for the CalTrain for 19 minutes, riding CalTrain ($2.75 USD) through 4 stops (16 minutes), then arriving at Hillsdale to find my shuttle that will take 20 minutes to get to my office.

Off-topic: The CalTrain makes this terrible screeching noise when it arrives at a station!


Off-topic: The bus I took to get to the airport in Hong Kong didn't cost much and had wi-fi! Get on it, CalTrain.

Really, my timetable from today can speak for itself:
9:00 left house, walked to BART station
9:14 BART left station to Millbrae
9:36 arrived at Millbrae BART station
9:38 transferred to Millbrae CalTrain station
9:58 Millbrae CalTrain left station to Hillsdale
10:09 arrived at Hillsdale CalTrain station
10:14 got on shuttle
10:26 arrived at office