A Moment Of Reflection With Larry, "Bucket Man" Of San Francisco

Do you see the smile on this man's face? It's genuine.

Can you read his face here? It's passionate.


A friend recently asked me to take some photos of Larry Hunt, who's known as "Larry the Drummer" and "Larry Bucket Man," for a project. Larry can easily be found in front of Old Navy on Market Street, nowadays with a shiny PDP drum set instead of buckets.

These photos are from the day I learned about how Larry regularly gets noise complaints for playing on the streets of San Francisco, but was invited by a Dutch packaging company to drum on buckets for a festival in Europe. There's an SF Weekly article about it here.

I love this city. The people are kind. The entrepreneurial spirit is...relentless, unwavering, resilient. But after Larry told us his story, my friend posed a rhetorical question to me that has been ringing in my mind whenever I look back at these photos: why did it take a foreign company to help this man out?

Take a moment to reflect on this: imagine if we all spent 2 minutes of our day or 2 cents from our pockets to help out someone like Larry every day. Wouldn't that move us all forward, even just a tiny bit? Wouldn't that be better than turning our cheek to these people?