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I'm very sad that when I switched templates, my blog posts disappeared. Fortunately, they were cached.

What I've been into lately

March 10, 2014

Just wanted to share some of my favorite reads of late (sites with articles that immediately capture my attention and consist of meaningful material):

FastCompany - With four divisions, Fast- Co.Design, Co. Exist, Co. Create and Co.Labs, it's not hard to find an article you'd want to print out and post on a cork board.

The Next Web - It only took someone linking me to a single article here (sometime last year) for me to add it to my bookmarks toolbar. Their articles have definitely been striking a chord with me lately. I discovered for the first time today a feature they have that I haven't seen anywhere else--you can listen to the article via SoundCloud!

Paul Jarvis - I somehow stumbled upon his website, probably when I was researching how to build websites, and I've been a loyal reader of his newsletters ever since. I was immediately drawn to and engaged with the material he produces. Aside from providing useful advice and sharing his knowledge about doing creative work for a living, he is indeed nice (as I presumed from his writing alone) to boot--he's been very responsive each email I've sent to him to thank him for posting what he does or to ask him for some advice as a freelancer.

Do you have any sites that provide meaningful information worth putting on your bookmarks toolbar? Share below.

Why We're Here

February 5, 2014

I'd like to share with you a passage from a book I'm currently reading that's resonated with me these last few days.

One of the pleasures of talking to original thinkers about a matter as profound as the mystery of being is that you get to hear them think out loud. Sometimes they would say the most astonishing things. It was as though I was privileged to peer into their thought processes. This was a cause for awe. But I also found it oddly empowering. When you listen to such thinkers feel their way around the question of why there is a world at all, you begin to realize that your own thoughts on the matter are not quite so nugatory as you had imagined. No one can confidently claim intellectual superiority in the face of the mystery of existence.

— Jim Holt, Why Does the World Exist?

I personally think we are someone's cool project--we exist to demonstrate what we are capable of as a species and what we end up doing to the planet. What do you think? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

New location, new site

February 3, 2014

Two weeks ago, I moved from the San Gabriel Valley to the Bay Area to look for full-time employment and I have no regrets. These are some things I moved up for: a more efficient transportation system, advanced recycling program and incredible coffee.

Last month, I was excited to receive an email that my Sriracha article was going to be published in the February 2014 issue of Forbes Asia. It will be my first published article in a magazine!

As I learn to navigate my way around the Bay Area and add more to my portfolio, don't hesitate to reach out to me through any of the social mediums below or via email.